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Friday 22 - Sunday 24 March 2019

Friday 22 - Sunday 24 March 2019

Friday 22 - Sunday 24 March 2019

Joint-Cabinet Crisis

The JCC, or Joint-Cabinet Crisis, is a very different committee to the others. In the JCC, delegates represent individuals, not countries. These individuals then form two cabinets, usually on opposing sides in some kind of conflict. It is usually also given a historical setting. Over the course of the conference, delegates have work for both their own interests and those of their committee, responding to actions taken by others, and to twists thrown in by the Director of the JCC.

This year, the JCC will be set during the Third Crusade, with 13 delegates across two cabinets: the Crusaders and the Muslims. The Chairs of the committees will also be "in character". We have published two documents relating to the JCC - a general guide can be found here, and information about the characters you can represent is available here.

If you wish to apply to take part in the JCC, ask your advisor for your school's personal link to the JCC application page. You will be asked to provide a "supporting statement" of up to 1000 characters, outlining your previous MUN experience, and why you want to take part. You can also express a preference for representing a particular character. Once you have filled in the form, your advisor will receive an e-mail notification. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 17 October 2018, and we will let you know if you have been successful in November.

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