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Friday 23 - Sunday 25 March 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the conference?
All registration for the conference is done online through our website. If you have been to the conference before, you should already have a username and password to sign in to the online system (if you have forgotten them, there is a link you can use to get them e-mailed to you). If this is your first Haileybury MUN conference (or first since we started using the online system), please contact us for the “codeword” required to create an account.

What age of pupils is your conference aimed at?
Haileybury MUN is aimed at secondary school (high school) students. The majority are aged 13-18, although we also have some aged 11 or 12.

Can I attend the conference on my own, or do I have to come with my school?
All delegates and Chairs must come as part of a school group, accompanied by at least one teacher or other responsible adult.

Does it matter if I haven’t done MUN before?
We aim to make Haileybury MUN an excellent conference for both new and experienced delegates. The standard of debate is high, but we also work hard to be accessible to first-time delegates. The Delegates’ Guide, published a few months before the conference, contains a wealth of useful information, and our Chairs also write Research Reports, containing key information about the topics being debated, to help you prepare for the conference. During the course of the weekend, the Chairs will also be happy to help in any way they can – just send them a note during committee.

How can I apply to Chair at the conference?
If you wish to Chair, then ask your advisor to fill in the appropriate form on the registration system. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12 October 2016, and we will let you know if you have been successful in November.

What is the JCC, and how do I apply to take part?
The JCC, or Joint-Cabinet Crisis, is a very different committee to the others. In the JCC, delegates represent individuals, not countries. These individuals then form two cabinets, usually on opposing sides in some kind of conflict. Over the course of the conference, delegates have work for both their own interests and those of their committee, responding to actions taken by others, and to twists thrown in by the Director of the JCC. The JCC is usually given a historical setting, and this year it will be the Wars of the Roses. Further details of the context and the characters available can now be downloaded here.
If you wish to apply to take part in the JCC, your advisor will need to fill in the appropriate form on the registration system. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12 October 2016.